Key Responsibilities

  • To ensure that ETO Examination system complies with the CAR/ Part 147 and Approved MTOE requirements
  • To keep the Training Manager informed on the state of compliance of the organization with the CAR /Part 147 and Approved MTOE
  • To inform Training Manager and DGCA for conducting the examination in accordance with the scope of approval granted by DGCA for the training
  • For development of any additional examination module, as required by the management, and obtain regulatory approval for the same
  • Generate Examination paper for the participants thru Examination Software and manually as per the procedure
  • To ensure Knowledge examiners and practical assessors are issued with an authorization by Training Manager as per the procedure lay down in this MTOE part 3.6 and 3.7
  • To ensure that all examinations and assessment timetables are coordinated for timely completion
  • To ensure that all the examinations are conducted to the standard and content at the required level of knowledge, as specified in CAR 66 / CAR 147
  • To ensure the exam results are analyzed for any fraudulent means used during the exam before publishing the same


  • In coordination with Training Manager shall analyze the results for further training needs/competence assessment of the instructor/trainer
  • To ensure that corrective / preventive action is carried out for the findings of quality audits
  • Liaise with DGCA for all the requirements related to Examination functions
  • To develop a Question bank for each type of examination approved
  • To control the examination software and Question bank in such a manner that the Question bank is not available for any other person
  • Review Questions in the Question bank and update the Question bank once in a year
  • To carryout Training Need Analysis for new Joiners and develop a competence development plan in accordance with Organisation needs
  • To ensure that the training website is kept up to date in all respect

Skills & Attributes

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office including MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Management skills: To resolve operational challenges & conflicts
  • Sound understanding of DGCA Functioning and protocols
  • Sound understanding of Examination and assessment standards and processes

Work Experience

  • 8 years total aviation experience out of which minimum 2 years should be instructional or supervisory experience in the field of aircraft maintenance 


  • Engineering graduate specialized in mechanical or avionics stream


  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license holder in mechanical or avionics stream