About Us

About Us

We Are Aviators At Soul With A Deep Sense Of Belonging To The Aviation Community.

AeroNefs Was Founded In March Of 2020 When The Aviation Industry Was Reeling Under The Aftermath Of Covid-19 Pandemic, With A Core Team Of Just 5 Sharing Similar Interests & Zeal. The Trigger Point Was That A Lot Of Our Peers & Colleagues Were Victims Of Lay Offs. With A Sense Of Belonging & Responsibility Towards Fellow Aviators & The Industry As A Whole,

Our Aim Is To Provide A Trusted Platform Where, Jobseekers Can Find All The Verified & Genuine Jobs In Aviation, Aerospace, Aeronautical Field. The Intention Is To Protect The Fellow Aviators From Falling Prey To Fake Opportunities Which Are On A All Time High. Currently We Are Already Supporting 5000+ Jobseekers By Sharing Only The Verified Aviation Jobs. Our Target Is To Have Every Aviation Professional (Job Seeker & Employer) Globally Associated With Us In Near Future.

We Work With A Strong Sense Of Responsibility Towards The Field Of Aviation Which Has Been Our Passion. We Wish To Create A Meaningful Difference In The Lives Of Aviation Professionals In These Difficult Times & Years To Come By Building A Sustainable Ecosystem.

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