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Supply Chain Manager - member Leadership Team - GKN Aerospace

Date Posted:Jun 06, 2021

Job Detail

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    Pune, Maharashtra, India
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    Full Time
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    Experienced Professional
  • Experience:
    5 Year
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    No Preference
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    Jun 20, 2021

Job Description

Job Summary

Guidance notes for role profile definition: PLEASE READ
This template is required for use in defining GKN Aerospace roles in a way that is conducive to job recruitment, job evaluation and performance management. Key points to be aware of are noted below – these could have a critical impact on the grading of a role.
Role purpose & Key accountabilities: These should define the core requirements, core focus and core accountability level of the role, and should not list individual role tasks.
Scope: Detail of team/reports and revenue or budget accountability should only show the scope the role is directly and fully accountable for. E.g. if the role does not itself own a given budget, then that budget should not be reflected in the role profile.
Person specification: This should relate to the core role-holder attributes, competencies, skills and experience. Please do not reflect ideal, top-end requirements, but rather the core elements required to perform the role at a fully competent level.
Please note detail in Appendix regarding the new role profile approval workflow
Job evaluation factors
Evaluation of any role will consider all of the following seven factors. As such, please make sure to include detail in the “Key Accountabilities” and “Person Specification” sections which is reflective of the nature/level of the role in relation to these factors. For ease of reference, the relevant factor numbers are noted on this form against the applicable sections.
Note when considering the below, in particular detail around “Impact”, it is critical to distinguish between what a role is ultimately accountable for, versus where it may be responsible for delivery of something for which another role is ultimately accountable.
① Functional Knowledge: Level of functional expertise with nature ranging from knowledge of tasks through to processes, procedures, concepts and theories.
② Business Expertise: Knowledge of how parts of GKN Aerospace operate/integrate internally, ranging from knowledge of how own team interacts with other teams at a tactical level, up how multiple top-line functions integrate and co-ordinate/set targets.
③ Leadership: Nature of team management e.g. team leading/co-ordinating, supervision of work/performance, full line management with objective setting and performance management/coaching. For individual contributors, consider whether the role trains, mentors, leads projects or acts as a deep technical thought leader.
④ Problem Solving: Nature of problem solving, ranging from resolving common problems from pre-defined options, through to evaluating options guided by precedent, and on to complex analytical thought and innovation to resolve complex problems.
⑤ Nature of Impact: Is impact through accuracy/quality of tasks, responsibility for delivering results, or ultimate accountability for results and associated plans/policies?
⑥ Area of Impact: Breadth of business primarily impacted when the role is doing things right. Is it primarily impacting a team, sub-function, function or whole business?
⑦ Interpersonal Skills: Ranging from courtesy, tact/diplomacy, exchanging complex information, influence/persuasion and up to senior level negotiation internally/externally

Job Responsibilities

Local Job title
Site Supply Chain Manager

Role purpose
In 2 – 3 sentences, summarise the overall purpose and scope of the role
The purpose of this role is to lead a team of SCM professionals, deliver operational performance using SCM standard business processes and strategy. The scope includes Planning & Scheduling (IBP, MPS, SFS), Logistics (Freight, Warehousing, Inbound/Outbound, etc.), and associated performance metrics (Delivery, MSA, Logistics costs, DIO, etc.) The role is accountable for the deployment and continuous improvement of Supply Chain Management standard processes. As a member of the site leadership team, the site SCM is the “conductor” for planning and logistics, ensures adherence to management process and alignment.
Key accountabilities Include detail relevant to evaluation factors ① ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ noted in the guidance notes
Detail 5 – 10 key accountabilities of the role. This should not be a list of tasks, but detail of key things for which the role-holder is actually accountable, or partly accountable. Please take care to reflect the nature of impact/contribution for each accountability e.g. whether the role sets a strategy or policy, inputs to a decision, provides information to support others’ decisions etc.
For the site:
Role modelling a culture that is aligned to the GKN Aerospace “Great Place to Work” value drivers and Culture Principles
Responsible for providing a safe working environment for SCM employees and for all employees in the logistic areas (receiving, warehousing, material handling and shipping)
Accountable for the management of the SCM team (leadership, target setting, performance review, talent management, organizational planning, recruiting/on-boarding, training and development…)
Execute the Global Supply Chain Management Strategy
Deploy, manage, monitor and improve planning processes (IBP, MPS) within the site
Responsible for the site Operations Supply Planning activities (IBP)
Facilitate the site Operations Supply Review (IBP).

Orchestrate the connections between Programme teams and Site team in relation to Daily execution, weekly MPS process and Monthly IBP process (including Integrated Reconciliation at the lowest possible level)
If the site organisation does not include a Planning Leader, responsible for the detailed execution of IBP and orchestration of the MPS processes (that includes management of Master Schedulers and Shop-floor Schedulers)

Job Qualifications

Role Profile
Page 4
July 2019
Number of Direct Reports
8-12 depending on the site
Number of Indirect Reports
Depending on the site
Direct/full revenue accountability
Direct/full operating budget accountability
Person specification Include detail relevant to evaluation factors ① ② ⑦ noted in the
List the key person-specific requirements for the role, both the role-critical/essential, and the desirable. Please include detail on knowledge of GKN Aerospace, specific qualifications, typical experience levels, function skills and competencies, and any language skills required
An SCM professional with leadership capabilities and an excellent understanding of operational delivery for all SCM disciplines at site level.
Supply Chain Management education preferably, with professional curriculum and certification (e.g. APICS CPIM or equivalent)
Typically 5 years’ experience, ideally on both planning and logistics operations
Ability to manage and influence beyond scope to ensure end to end consistency of SCM activities at site level (key connection to programmes for the demand management elements, to operations for capacity management and production planning, to procurement for external supply requirements and logistics).
Expert in the operational execution of the following disciplines: Scheduling and Execution, Master Data Management, Internal Flows and Warehousing, SIOP/MPS/MRP, Inventory Management, Performance Monitoring.
Good business acumen and understanding of operational interactions related to the flow of information (customers to suppliers), the management of internal and external resources (people and manufacturing capabilities)
Good understanding of the site ERP
A team player able to influence without direct line reports
Member of the site leadership team
Person specification (continued)
Role Profile
Page 5
July 2019
Practitioner level for Forecasting & Demand Planning, SIOP/MPS/MRP, Scheduling and Execution, Transport management, Internal Flows and Warehousing, Strategy & CI planning, Performance Monitoring, Lean mind-set & business excellence
Background in Operations and/or Programmes management
ERP expertise
Travel requirements
Very low
Organisation Chart
lease paste the org chart relevant to the role showing, where possible, reporting lines above and below the role, as well as role peers.
Appendix: Role profile/Wilbur position approval workflow
As part of our new framework for approval and governance around job definition and job evaluation across GKN Aerospace, it is always important to ensure a level of HR review and second opinion on all things related. This is simply to ensure there is a common understanding across the business of a role’s content, and nature.

Job Segment: Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain, Supply, Curriculum, Manager, Operations, Education, Management

Skills Required

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Company Overview

Redditch, England, United Kingdom

GKN Ltd is a British multinational automotive and aerospace components business headquartered in Redditch, Worcestershire. It is a long-running business known for many decades as Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds. It can trace its origins back to 1759 and... Read More

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