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Mach Infinity
Mach Infinity
Member Since, Jul 18, 2021
Bengaluru, India
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Mach Infinity Aerospace LLP is an Indian non-governmental aerospace start-up company established in Bangalore, Karnataka on May 29 2021, which focuses on the aerospace industry, developing innovations and future technologies in the industry and applies them to aircraft
As the first organization in the world to use artificial intelligence to solve aircraft problems, we are implementing advanced technologies to make travel and transportation cheaper, faster,convenient and more environment-friendly.
We are implementing computer vision for Collision Avoidance Framework in Autonomous Aircrafts. Ensuring that the system is effective in determining the environment and whether an obstacle is obstructing the self-driving craft, predicting its movement, and providing appropriate feedback. Computer vision in technology focuses on creating digital systems that can be processed, analyzed , and visually recognized like humans. The concept of computer vision is based on a neural network that teaches computers to process and understand images at the pixel level, and computers mainly use computer vision to process images, a task previously performed by humans. As the data set grows, the neural network will improve its algorithm rules, improve its accuracy, and perform well in increasingly complex tests.
We are committed to developing this aircraft to transport cargo and replace commercial aircraft. As older technologies such as airports make air travel more expensive, more space required for boarding and reception. We are trying to solve this problem by introducing Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL)aircraft, which can enhance and prevent collisions and also allows the aircraft to land in the parking lot. We are building this to replace cars and other ground transportation.
Considering Global warming and other such Environment issues we are currently working on technology which can optimize fuel consumption.

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